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ORBIS to Feature Reusable Packaging Solutions for the Retail Supply Chain at PackExpo 2016

ORBIS to Feature Reusable Packaging Solutions for the Retail Supply Chain at PackExpo 2016


See ORBIS in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PackExpo 2016
OCONOMOWOC, Wis., USA ORBIS® Corporation, an international manufacturer of reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, will feature packaging that streamlines the flow of products throughout the retail supply chain at PackExpo International 2016. These fully reusable products help to improve picking accuracy, speed replenishment, meet omni-channel fulfillment demands, streamline overall distribution processes, and save total time and money. ORBIS experts also will be at Booth E-6801 to answer questions during PackExpo, which runs from Nov. 6 to 9 in Chicago, Illinois.
Here are four of the multiple offerings to be featured at the show:
The Pally Allows Quick Replenishment
The Pally® combines the mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet to enable new and enhanced material handling capabilities. This unique feature allows materials to be stored, transported and distributed with less equipment, minimal labor and few touch points. The Pally comes with fully field-repairable components, such as wheel covers, pop-up locators and casters, for an extended product life. The corner grips and pop-up locators keep tote loads in place and improve trailer and storage organization and density.
When mobile, the Pally quickly converts to static mode with a press of the pedal. When static, the rubber braking stabilizers ensure the Pally withstands lateral force, allowing for safe merchandising and point-of-purchase displays. When delivered to retail, it can easily be rolled into place and put in static mode for shopping. To support cross-selling at the retail level, it can easily be rolled to different aisles. For small-format retailers, the Pally supports frequent product deliveries and easily maneuvers in tight spaces, such as narrow doorways and aisles. It also assists in picking and fulfilling material and enables staging of e-commerce products designated for store pickup. The optional locking handle allows the Pally to be pushed or pulled, and the contoured deck handles and lightweight structure enable ergonomic handling. ORBIS’ sister division, Menasha Packaging, will be on-hand at PackExpo to share retail insight.
Family of Carts Improve Picking, Fulfillment and Distribution Efficiency
The ORBIS family of carts supports speed and efficiency throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution to retail. To get the right products to the consumer at the right time and place, retailers seek to optimize for omnichannel distribution. The mobility of their packaging is critical to accelerate picking speed and improve order accuracy. Multiple cart styles are available to support a variety of growing applications where mobility is important.  
Standard carts by ORBIS feature power-coated construction for a long life and aesthetics. All carts feature heavy-duty casters to minimize noise and ensure easy maneuverability. Cart dimensions accommodate standard tote footprints in multiple heights, as well as standard cases. The carts can be combined with the ORBIS family of picking and distribution totes, which allows for system scalability, since plastic totes seamlessly transition to conveyors. Plastic totes and containers also enable companies to gain the advantages of reusable packaging and a more sustainable supply chain.
A Pallet for Small-Format Retailers
The 42 x 30 Small-Format HP Pallet helps eliminate product touches dur­ing the order replenishment process. Retailers today are looking for the best way to get their products from the truck to the back room, or point of sale, while reducing product damage, cutting merchandising labor costs and maximizing valuable retail floor space. With limited floor area and narrow doors, small-format retailers also want more efficient product deliveries. A reusable pallet that can easily function in a small space streamlines the entire process.
The small-format pallet allows full cases and split cases to be sorted and loaded at the distribution center. The pallet is then delivered to the store and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space. The contoured corners of the pallet won’t damage product and the solid body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights.
Mini-Load Totes Drive Picking Efficiency
The ML6040-325, ORBIS’ newest mini-load tote, was designed to interface with many types of automated storage and retrieval, and shuttle systems found in today’s state-of-the-art warehouses and distribution centers. With the advanced divider system, molded dividers fit seamlessly into the container grid bottom, creating up to eight distinct cells, designed to fit a wide range of parts, shapes and sizes. This dual-sided system holds dividers in place, eliminating divider movement and product shifting that can cause loss or damage.
For added durability and better ease of use, the tote also features contoured handles and a reinforced bottom to minimize deflection. If compartmentalization is not required, the ML6040-325 is available with a smooth bottom. The tote also features generous internal volume to hold more product, and 16 drain holes in the side walls and 12 on the bottom allow easy cleaning and draining.
With more companies looking to streamline their overall fulfillment and distribution capabilities, the right packaging is essential in keeping up with the pace of the industry and rapidly growing supply chain needs. ORBIS will also feature several innovative products for industrial applications, including custom protective ORBIShield® dunnage and BulkPak® containers. Visit Booth E-6801 to learn more about these products and to talk to an ORBIS expert on the outlook of the industry and what ORBIS has to offer.
Pally® is a registered trademark of Loadhog Limited, and is used under license.

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About ORBIS Corporation
With more than 160 years of material handling expertise and 50 years of plastics innovations, ORBIS consists of a portfolio of businesses that meet the material handling needs of companies across many industries. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Using a proven approach, ORBIS experts analyze customers’ systems, design a solution and execute a reusable packaging program for longer-term cost savings and sustainability. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS also helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact. ORBIS is a part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States. As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. ORBIS tracks and measures its own resource utilization to continuously conserve natural resources and reduce waste. For more information, please visit http://www.orbiscorporation.com, http://www.facebook.com/ORBISCorporation, http://www.twitter.com/orbiscorp or www.youtube.com/orbiscorp.