ORBIS Shanghai Introduces New Bulkpak®

ORBIS Shanghai Introduces New Bulkpak®


1140 x 980 BulkPak Designed for Industrial Applications

ORBIS Shanghai, a subsidiary of ORBIS Corporation, has introduced the FPB1149807 BulkPak. The FPB1149807 bulk bin is injection molded, using Polypropylene (PP) plastic. It features smooth interior walls and reduce dust and dirt contamination.  The box can stack three high in standard transportation. ORBIS Shanghai remains the leader for 1140 x 980 footprint.

ORBIS Shanghai serves the reusable packaging needs of major companies across Asia and South Pacific. It hand-held totes, custom protective dunnage and bulk packaging systems to meet the global supply chain needs of today's leading industrial, beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. 

Interested to learn how the 1140 x 980 BulkPak could help improve your supply chain’s overall sustainability, while ensuring the safety of your parts? Inquire here.