Water jet cutting adds precision to fabrication process of foam dunnage

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — August 21, 2017 — ORBIS Corporation, the North American leader in reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, has introduced another in-house water jet cutter to its dunnage capabilities. This is the second water jet cutter to be added to an ORBIS facility — the latest addition is located in Mentor, Ohio. ORBIS’ original water jet cutter is located in Silao, Mexico. The expanded production offering allows ORBIS to continue delivering precisely cut foam dunnage designs at a faster rate in more regional markets.

Water jet cutting has become an industry standard for foam dunnage fabrication. This technology offers high levels of precision when cutting foam material, which can easily warp when not cut properly. The water jet cutter performs with higher accuracy and tolerance compared with alternative cutting methods, producing high-quality dunnage for a vast array of applications.

“A second water jet cutter aligns with our long-term growth strategy for ORBIShield,” said Aman Sangha, product manager for ORBIS Corporation. “Speeding up delivery times, enabling best-in-class service and putting new designs on display is what ORBIS wants to achieve for current and future customers. The water jet cutters put us one step closer to achieving these goals and bettering customer service at two key ORBIShield manufacturing facilities.”

ORBIShield includes almost 10 different foam material varieties, providing companies with multiple dunnage options that are customized to their individual protection and size requirements. Foam is one of three dunnage material types ORBIS offers. In fact, ORBIS has the largest variety of fabric, sheet and foam materials in the industry, ensuring a custom dunnage designs for a variety of valuable parts spanning automotive, industrial, and food and beverage industries.

For a complete protective solution, ORBIShield is designed, manufactured and integrated with ORBIS’ reusable plastic packaging products, including hand-held totes, bulk containers and transport racks. Dunnage pairs with these items to help standardize products per container, maximize pack density, improve inventory controls, increase inventory control, optimize lineside efficiency, and allow for accurate cost estimating and transportation planning.

For proper a dunnage/packaging combination, ORBIS’ sales engineering team uses a simple five-step approach to design dunnage specific to each customer. They are located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to easily collaborate with customers on understanding design requirements, configuring a prototype and executing dunnage designs.

To learn more, ORBIS is sponsoring the Automotive Logistics Global Conference, Sept. 19 to 21 in Detroit, Michigan, and exhibiting at Pack Expo, Sept. 25 to 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Booth S-8001. Visit www.orbiscorporation.com/orbishield for more information.

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