ORBIS Companies

ORBIS Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Menasha Corporation. With more than 160 years of material handling expertise and 55 years of plastics innovations, ORBIS consists of a portfolio of businesses that meet the material handling needs of companies across many industries.



ORBIS Corporation: Provides products and services that meet the needs of industrial/automotive, retail, food, beverage and environmental supply chains. Through a 5-step approach, ORBIS helps companies analyze, prove, design, implement and evolve their reusable packaging investment.

In today’s complex supply chains, it is critical that packaging is available when and where you need it. ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) Services significantly cuts the time and effort needed to track, retrieve, clean and inventory packaging assets in a wide variety of industries including industrial, food, beverage and consumer goods. Learn more at ORBIS RPM for Assembly Manufacturing and ORBIS RPM for Beverage (formerly CORBI).



LEWISBins+: Division of ORBIS that offers storage container systems to general industrial companies, through a well-defined manufacturer representative and dealer network. www.lewisbins.com


National Consolidation Services: Subsidiary of ORBIS Corporation that provides freight consolidation services to leading consumer goods manufacturers. www.ncs-logistics.com


ORBIS Shanghai: Serves the reusable packaging needs of major companies in China. Offers hand-held totes, custom protective dunnage and bulk packaging systems to meet the global supply chain needs of today's leading industrial, beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Visit http://www.orbiscorporation.com.cn/ for more information.

ORBIS Europe: Provides reusable packaging products to leading companies in Europe. With local manufacturing in Ieper, Belguim, ORBIS Europe provides products and services that meet the needs of industrial/automotive, retail, food, beverage and environmental companies.